Campaign Diary 5th September 2007

Interactive forum for TPA Supporters in St. Albans

TPA organiser Martin Thornhill has set up a yahoo group to help St. Albans TaxPayers’ Alliance activists and supporters coordinate campaigns and get in touch, share ideas and debate the issues. We’re an interactive, grassroots campaign where no idea is too small or daft to be heard or debated.  If you’re reading this and live in St. Albans, then join the forum and get in touch.

Liverpool TaxPayers’ Alliance

I will be in Liverpool on Wednesday 19th September meeting TPA activists and discussing the development of a Liverpool branch of the TPA.  If you’re a TPA member or supporter or just interested in meeting and talking about developing a TPA branch in Liverpool, then email me at [email protected].  I look forward to meeting you.

Islington TaxPayers’ Alliance

The first meeting of the Islington TaxPayers’ Alliance will be in Islington on 11th September.  If you’d like to come and join us and share your ideas then email me at [email protected].  We hope to kick start our campaign in Islington with a petition against inheritance tax, so please come along and help the campaign.

Waste and Over-Spending 

If you’ve found any examples of local government waste, then please email them to us and write to your local papers exposing it.  As we report in our non-job of the week and in our survey of the Guardian jobs page, local government waste and over-spending are soaking up incredible amounts of taxpayer’s money and is one we have to put front and centre of public debates.

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