Cardiff raise Council Tax by 3.7%

Council Tax has been a burden on thousands of families throughout Cardiff, with taxpayers from all walks of life seeing their bills increase annually with little to no improvement to the frontline services. This year the Local Authority have proposed a further increase of 3.7% on a typical band D property with the added police precept taking this even higher, further punishing those who have legally upheld their obligations to pay this punitive Tax.

Despite council tax hikes, basic services like bin collections have been cut. At the next full council meeting TaxPayers' Alliance activists will be joining other activists and serving Councillors from all over Cardiff to make a stand against further increases.

Come and join us at Cardiff County Hall at 3.30pm on Thursday, 23rd February 2017.
NB:If you want to submit questions to be raised at the meeting please note that they need to be submitted in advance by emailing