Civil servants using working hours for film clubs, parties and talks

Civil servants are using working hours to attend film clubs, parties and talks, a TaxPayers' Alliance investigation has revealed. Based on data from six Whitehall departments, we estimate that at least 4,100 hours of staff time has been used since 2021 for events such as a screening of "Bend it Like Beckham" and birthday celebrations for a "fatigue network."


Speaking to The Telegraph, which published the findings, our investigations campaign manager, Elliot Keck, said:

"Taxpayers expect civil servants to respect their time as well as their dime.

"With public services creaking and pressure on household budgets rising through a series of damaging tax hikes, these sessions smack of indulgence.

"Whitehall bosses must cut out these endless events and get bureaucrats back at their desks."



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