Clean up the state

For a healthy balance of views in public life, it's important that a range of views are represented. Groups like the TaxPayers' Alliance and Greenpeace refuse to take taxpayers' money, but there are a plethora of groups in receipt of it – many of which then openly campaign against the elected government of the day and/or lobby for even more cash.

Since 2009, the TPA has called out publicly-funded bodies and appointments for inappropriate political activity. We have stood against groups raging a guerrilla war against the taxpayer, dragging the public discourse to the left when that’s not where voters have necessarily been.

We need to clean up the state by ending taxpayer-funded lobbying; balancing public appointments, with diversity of opinion paramount; and holding to account the web of quangos and public bodies that quietly dominate every aspect of our lives.

We have been researching this issue since 2004: 

Quangos report 2006-07: the unseen Government of the UK
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