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Material produced for many of the Climate Challenge Fund projects is still available online.  Our press release and full research note, with further details on a number of projects including the ones below, are available here.  This page links to the material we've found is still online so you can see the videos and games for yourself.


CTC Charitable Trust, Cycle Hero - £296,000

The Cycle Hero website, including the video, are available here.


Forkbeard Fantasy, Invisible Bonfires - £77,698

The Forkbeard Fantasy website can be found here.


The National Energy Foundation, LogiCity - £295,000




The LogiCity game no longer appears to be working.  But, you can still see the introductory video if you go here and start a new game.


Yigal Allon Educational Trust, Operation Climate Control - £49,480




The Operation Climate Control game does appear to be working and can be accessed here.


Rite2no - £39,810



The other parts of the Rite2no video above can be accessed through the "Related Videos" in YouTube.

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