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We've emailed all council leaders across the country, asking them to sign a pledge ruling out implementing a four-day working week.

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While Brits contend with a 70-year high tax burden, public bodies are moving towards a fully paid four-day working week. That's roughly equivalent to an extra 52 days of annual leave!

This is simply unacceptable at a time when taxpayers are already paying over the odds for services that, in many cases, are barely functioning. Despite claims that these working practices will increase productivity, TaxPayers' Alliance research has concluded that, in the case of South Cambridgeshire District Council, there is no credible evidence that even current levels of productivity can be achieved by merely reducing working time by 20 per cent.

Our research has previously found that if a four-day working week was implemented across the public sector, this could mean the loss of £30 billion of working time.

Plans to implement these working practices are still in their infancy, but taxpayers are right to fear that they will soon be made to pay for a part-time public sector.


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Public body Information
Bassetlaw District Council Reportedly planned to implement a four-day working week trial. Abandoned plans in August 2023 following a TaxPayers' Alliance protest outside council headquarters. 
Welsh Parliament In January 2023, a report by the Welsh Parliament's Petitions Committee recommended that the Welsh government conduct fully paid four-day working week pilots within the devolved public sector.
South Cambridgeshire District Council

Began a four-day working week trial for office staff in 2023. On May 15th 2023, the council cabinet approved a continuation of the trial scheme until March 2024. Minister for Local Government, Lee Rowley MP, wrote a letter to the council on 30th June 2023 demanding the council stop the trial immediately. TPA research subsequently concluded that the council's claims of increased productivity were unreliable.

Oxford City Council Passed a four-day week motion and requested the leader of the council to “find out if there are any other employers in Oxford considering trialling a four day week for their employers”.
Glasgow City Council Reportedly considering implementing a four-day working week.
Scottish Civil Service Reportedly expected to announce pilot four-day week schemes for civil service staff in a range of departments and agencies.
Norwich City Council Reportedly considering implementing a four-day working week.



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