Compensation claims around the country

Our latest research 'Compensation claims against Local Authorities' turned up some odd results, especially considering something as simple as maintaining road surfaces could drastically reduce the total claims budget. Before taking a look at your own council, have a go at our quiz and see if you can make sense of some of the bizarre figures we've uncovered.

See how you do and let us know in the comments which one tripped you up.

Calderdale paid out £65 for
A pair of glasses resting on a blue surface
Which damaged instrument cost West Sussex County Council £750?
An orchestra playing on a stage
Birmingham City Council paid out £275 for
Close up picture of astro-turf
Newport Council paid out how much because "Claimant was riding his bicycle on the footpath and his face came into contact with stingy (sic) nettles"?
A bicycle stands in the middle of a road
Between 2013 and 2015 what was the total payout related to potholes?
Pothole in a road
Wiltshire Council paid out £393 for
Wiltshire town hall
West Dunbartonshire paid out £11,075 in 2013-14 for 26 claims regarding
West Dunbartonshire town hall

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