Council offers 'ladder climbing training'

Lancashire county council has stunned its roadside workforce by insisting that all staff that climbs a 4-foot ladder to put up road signs must have ‘ladder training’.  Added to this the council are inviting the fire and rescue services to take time off from their essential duties to instruct people how to climb a ladder.


What possesses these council hacks to invent these bizarre schemes?  I’m coming round to the opinion that these pointless bureaucrats filling up local government ‘environment directorates’ create these problems only to justify their existence. 


Councillors who believe in value for money and TPA Activists up and down the country should go through their council staff roster and hold these bureaucrats to account.  These daft examples may rouse chuckles or groans, but ‘ladder training’ and the idiots who enforce it on essential council staff are taking thousands of taxpayers’ money a year, always being diverted from vital public services.   

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