Council Tax Activist wins crucial vote at USDAW conference

Derrick Frost, a newly registered TaxPayers’ Alliance activist from West Sussex and member of USDAW (the Union of shop, distributive and allied workers), has told us how he recently won a crucial vote at the USDAW conference binding the Union to campaign against council tax.


With a massive vote of some 141,488 delegates in support, Mr. Frost’s proposition for the Union to campaign for reforming council tax was overwhelmingly carried at the USDAW annual conference.


Speaking with Mr. Frost today he said that there was “great support” in the country for council tax reform and against council tax waste. 


The fact is that we can easily abolish the council tax and lower taxes without jeopardising front line services.  A 2003 study by the European Central Bank found that the government wastes £83 billion a year through waste and inefficiency – showing us what scope there is to cut taxes by eliminating wasteful government spending.


In building a greater alliance of taxpayers, from TPA activists to members in USDAW, Isitfair and other campaign groups, the momentum is clearly with the forces who want to eliminate the hated council tax and replace it with a lower, fairer tax.

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