Council Tax Campaign

In the coming weeks, councils across the UK will be setting budgets for 2013/14. Although the majority of them will accept the Government's offer of grant and either freeze or lower Council Tax, others will reject it and increase the tax burden on families when they can least afford it.

We are compiling a list of those councils planning a Council Tax increase, and with the help of our supporters, we are organising protests across the country.

We recently held a protest in York, and will be back in York again on Friday 18 January, meeting in St Helen's Square at 12.30pm.

If your council is planning a rise, this is what you can do:

    • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper calling on your council to freeze Council Tax.
    • Join a protest and invite your friends and family along too.

Council Tax is one of the largest bills families have to pay each month and councils must do everything they can to keep those bills as low as possible. Help us make your voice heard.

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