Council tell man to throw gold away

Clown City Insanity has broken out in Torbay council.  As a report from the Sun discloses today, John Doble collects gold particles in his workshop and sends them onto a dealer - effectively recycling the gold.  Torbay council, cue your pantomime season boos, stepped in and said the gold has to be thrown away because it constitutes ‘commercial waste’.


On top of this, if Mr Doble doesn’t throw the gold away, he’ll be fined £5,000 by the council!


Blakey Santa clearly needs to bring a well needed shot of common sense to someone at Torbay council.  Blakey would be proud of this interfering.  It’s typical of the dozy, meddling attitude rife in government today.  Earn an honest crust, or try to in today’s economic climate, and the bureaucrats and snoopers set out to fleece you. 


Like all of these stories, we encourage you to let the leader or elected Mayor of the council know about the rank stupidity of rules and decisions made at their council and ask them to put a stop to it.  The elected Mayor of Torbay is Nick Bye.

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