Councillors' Allowances Exposed

Earlier this week the Local Government Association published the summary findings of their survey of councillors' allowances but refused to release the details of the various allowances council by council. I'm pleased to say that thanks to a number of sympathetic councillors we are now in possession of the full table and can publish it for all to see.


To view the full information for your council click here to open the (rather swanky) spreadsheet, and click the drop down Select Authority list.


Amazingly, the LGA told ConservativeHome that whilst they'd published the full breakdown in previous years, "given the current climate we would like to be a little more circumspect about disseminating it at thie time." Which means that they are well aware the continued above-inflation increases in councillors' allowances are indefensible, so instead of do the right thing they have decided simply to keep the truth secret.


They don't deserve to get away with that, so we have decided to publish the information for all to see. Let the sunlight in.

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