Cumbria County Council's £112m deposited in banks

Eye TPA activist Steve Atkinson has done some excellent work finding out where Cumbria County Council has taxpayers' money deposited in banks both foreign and domestic.  Here's his Freedom of Information response from Cumbria County Council:


"As at 17 November 2008, the County Council had the following monies deposited:
Bank deposits   £86,075,000
Money Market Fund  £ 6,900,000
Building Societies  £20,000,000


It's truly shocking that Cumbria County Council has £112 million stashed away and has continued to increase council tax.  You can ask the leader of Cumbria County Council why they've stashed your money away and increased council tax by sending an email to Cllr Stewart Young.


As an addition you can comment on Cumbria County Council's budget consultation by visiting their website here.

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