Daniel Hannan on the CAP

Following the release of our Youtube viral video on the Common Agricultural Policy, Daniel Hannan, the MEP who shot to fame last week through his speech in the European Parliament criticising Gordon Brown's spending and debt habits, has been in touch. By coincidence, he made a speech on the topic a few days ago, making the point that the Policy harms taxpayers, consumers and farmers alike:



From the other side of the Party divide, Caroline Flint MP, the Minister for Europe, has responded to our report, saying:


“The CAP does not serve the best interests of farmers or consumers across Europe. We will use the opportunity of the EU budget review, starting later in the year, to argue for the long-term reform that is needed.”


It's good to know that even the Government agrees with us about this, but what do they intend to do about the Policy? Arguing in the Budget Review for CAP reform was what Tony Blair was doing when he inadvertently gave away our rebate in return for essentially nothing. We need to be able to control our own farming here, in this country, otherwise we will be eternally outvoted.

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