Past: Debt clock national tour

In 2010, to highlight the crushing size of the national debt, we undertook a 1,500 mile tour of Britain – featuring a 7metre long, lorry-mounted digital Debt Clock, ticking up as the Government borrows more and more money. The message to the nation's politicians was: "Wake up to the National Debt!"

The custom-built clock was one metre high by seven metres long, and mounted on the back of a 14m lorry. Its 80cm (32 inch), 14-digit red LED display counted up the nation's debt at the breakneck speed of £5,169 per second – that was, at the time, £446,575,342 per day. 

Before the Debt Clock we’d campaigned against the Government’s dangerously high levels of borrowing with research showing that Brown planned to borrow double the debt needed to win World War 1.

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