Despite a budget black hole, councillor pay soars

Clown_city_2The Lib Dem controlled Northampton Borough councillors this week voted to pass themselves a 7.7% pay increase for all councillors.  The leader of the council voted himself a 43% pay increase.  Yes, you read that right, a forty-three-per-cent pay increase.  The deputy leader gets a 64% increase.  All cabinet members get a 55% pay increase.  By a vote of 23 to 15, this egregious pay deal was passed and represents a big slap in the face to taxpayers’ who, in the current economic climate, can only dream of such a pay increase.


Why did they do this, then?  The council leadership justified it as to “encourage those on lower incomes to become councillors”.  Never mind public service or the fact that many people, pensioners and community activists who give up their time and money to become local representatives, already do a wonderful job, sometimes voting against pay increases or refusing to take their salary at all.  No, NBC want to use taxpayers’ money to try and tempt people into public service because of the money involved. 


But looking closer at Northampton Borough Council’s accounts, you’ll see that the council has a £7.2million budget black hole this year, with added risk of service cuts.  Talk about skewed priorities.  What these councillors will respond with is that they took the advice of an ‘independent panel’, but the point is that these recommendations are non-binding – they could have rejected them.


If you’re fed up of politicians using your money to line their pockets, ask Northampton Borough’s councillors whether they voted for the pay increase or not, whether they will take the pay increase or not and – if they voted for it – why they did so given the council’s dire financial situation:


Cllr Sally Beardsworth (LD) -
Cllr Shadik Chaudhury (LD) -
Cllr Richard Church (LD) -
Cllr Scott Collins (LD) -
Cllr Roger Conroy (LD) -
Cllr Jenny Conroy (LD) -
Cllr Maria-Trinidad Crake (LD) -
Cllr Mel de Cruz (LD) -
Cllr David Garlick (LD) -
Cllr Brendan Glynane (LD Deputy Leader) -
Cllr Jean Hawkins (LD) -
Cllr Brian Hoara (LD) -
Cllr Jane Hollis (LD) -
Cllr Irene Markham (LD) -
Cllr Brian Markham (LD) -
Cllr Richard Matthews (LD) -
Cllr Dennis Meredith (LD) -
Cllr Malcolm Mildren (LD) -
Cllr David Perkins (LD) -
Cllr Andrew Simpson (LD) -
Cllr Marianne Taylor (LD) -
Cllr Pam Varnsverry (LD) -
Cllr Paul Varnsverry (LD) -
Cllr Portia Wilson (LD) -
Cllr Anthony Woods (LD Leader of the Council) -
Cllr John Yates (LD) -


Cllr John Caswell (Con) -
Cllr Jane Duncan (Con) -
Cllr Donald Edwards (Con) - 01604 752551 (No email address)
Cllr Penelope Flavell (Con) -
Cllr Tim Hadland (Con) -
Cllr Michael Hill (Con) -
Cllr Michelle Hoare (Con) -
Cllr Jamie Lane (Con) -
Cllr Phil Larratt (Con) -
Cllr Judith Lill (Con) -
Cllr Colin Lill (Con) -
Cllr Christopher Malpas (Con) -
Cllr David Palethorpe (Con) -
Cllr Kevin Reeve (Con) -
Cllr Elizabeth Taverner (Con) -


Cllr Joy Capstick (Lab) -
Cllr Iftikhar Ahmed Choudary (Lab) -
Cllr Keith Davies (Lab) -
Cllr Lee Mason (Lab) -
Cllr Tess Scott (Lab) -


Cllr Tony Clarke (Independent) -

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