Details of NHS staff lost in the post

Lapses in Government data security are becoming incredibly common.  Today, the Telegraph reports another case:

"Four computer discs containing the details of 17,990 current and former staff were lost in July when they were sent between Whittington Hospital NHS Trust in north London and McKesson, a firm providing IT payroll services.

They contained the names, dates of birth, national insurance numbers, start dates and pay details of all staff of Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, Islington Primary Care Trust, Camden Primary Care Trust and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust."

While data security breaches definitely happen in the private sector as well, public sector breaches are increasingly far more common and larger.  This repeated failure is the result of weak public sector management.  The only answer is for the Government to do less, so services are smaller and there are fewer huge databases being sent around, and collect as little information as is necessary - avoiding unnecessary schemes like the National ID database.


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