Dispatches from the front line

Braving the cold, several TPA supporters have been active campaigning for lower taxes.

Tony Flynn has recently been out in Diss and Tivetshall handing out TPA recruitment leaflets and has set up a low tax campaign site in Norfolk www.atflynn.co.uk.  We’ve also had several recruitment leaflets back from Alpington, Norwich where TPA activist Tony Callaghan has been leafleting.  Keep up the good work, gents.  Already our Central Norfolk and Norwich branch has well over 40 members.  Stay posted for our new-year meeting I’m arranging to oppose council tax increases in Norfolk. 

David Moncaster, from our Shipley branch, has been the first activist to sign up 10 friends in our 10 Friends Challenge.  Congratulations David and we hope you enjoy your copy of ‘How to Label a Goat’.  So come on the rest of you, get recruiting.  I’ve got the dates confirmed when your councils are voting to put up your council tax.  It’s up to us to be outside protesting, showing the strength of opposition, so we’ve got to build our numbers to take the fight to the politicians so eager to take more and more of our money.

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