Dispatches from the frontline: Hatfield and Envelopes, many, many envelopes

This week I saw two sides of the grassroots campaign.  The first was in Hatfield last weekend where our Hertfordshire campaigners got a stall together at the monthly Farmers Market. 




We handed out bumper stickers, leaflets and our playing cards to recruit people to the campaign, which we did in spades.  Thanks to Richard Griffiths for organising the enjoyable day – if you ever get the chance to try an ostrich burger, see that you do – and to Martin Thornhill, Steve Peers and his family and Victoria Parker for turning up.  This is our grassroots campaign, placards, leaflets and ideas.  That’s all you need.  If you want a leaflet day like this in your area, I can get the message out and supply you with all you need to make it a successful recruitment day.  Simply email me and we can start the work!




The other side of the campaign was concealed by a mountain of envelopes, a fraction of which you can see above.  As a diverse campaign, we like to reach all of our supporters, whether online or not.  Sometimes this takes a lot of effort – such as stuffing thousands of envelopes – but when I get a call from someone who wants to thank us for making the effort to contact them, it’s heart-warming.  Besides, it’s the least we can do.  You are out there, in snow, wind and rain, putting the low tax message across.  You’re challenging those clinging to their taxpayer-funded vested interests and arguing for transparency and smaller government.




I was helped this week by some wonderful staff, campaigners and supporters.  Many thanks to Neil Lock, Richard Jackson, Victoria Parker, Ray Adams, Johanna Kaschke, Matt Sinclair, Fiona McEvoy and Alison Grainger. 

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