Dispatches from the frontline: Protest in St Albans



14 TPA Activists gathered on Monday morning to protest with Steve Peers, who was taken to court over £65 non-payment of Council Tax.  This isn’t the first time he’s withheld council tax either.  He was sent to prison back in January, on his 40th birthday no less, for non-payment of £40.  You can read coverage of our protest here in the local St Albans media.




We were joined by TPA supporters from as far away as Norfolk, even, as Steve’s case was heard.  It’s a sad reflection of the Council Tax regime that Steve wasn’t the only one in court for non-payment of Council Tax.  Dozens filled the list to be called in and, like Steve, given a liability order – meaning the Bailiffs are coming.




Nonetheless, Steve continues to campaign on this as a matter of principle.  You can see from our many reports that our money is being wasted.  Below is a message from Steve.  Heed his words; it’s all well and good complaining, but it’s the doing that gets results.

So stand with us.  Join us by registering here.  Recommend us to your friends, neighbours and colleagues.  Email me to get some leaflets so you can recruit in your area.  We know you’re over taxed, but the question is – what are you going to do about it?



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