DWP is helping to burden the taxpayer and business

Small business owners believe it’s crucial to get the right mix of individuals with the skills needed to develop and expand a business. With a lot of small businesses starting to see some shoots of recovery, they find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to recruit. They syphon off some of their valuable time advertising, filtering and selecting candidates, some of whom have been unemployed for prolonged periods of time.

However, business owners like myself are facing fresh frustrations when individuals who apply for a job simply don’t report for interview. After reading countless CV's, calling what seems to be an even greater pool of filtered candidates, and for these apparent candidates not the show up for an interview, would beg to question their original intention.

I myself have five vacancies available. Ironically two of these positions have been vacant for nearly twelve months. On Wednesday five candidates were invited to attend interviews, but only one turned up. In total, six business hours that could have invested elsewhere were taken up selecting and telephone screening the candidates.

This scenario is not a new issue for business owners, but the DWP’s approach doesn't seem to match their rhetoric. Mark Hoban MP, the Employment Minister, states that "jobseekers who are serious about looking for work will get all the support they need from us. But in return for receiving Jobseekers Allowance they must prove they are doing everything they can to find a job."

However a very different impression of the government’s approach is created when proactive business owners who now call their local jobcentre to report candidates for failing to turn up, are told nothing can be done unless a date of birth or NI number can be provided. Apparently a name and address simply won’t do.

If a thief were to break into a house and a name, as well as an address, could be supplied, I am sure the police could make contact. This leaves me to ask: why is it that if someone refuses to take the burden off an evidently overburdened public purse, can similar measures not be incorporated?

Surely it is time to call time on benefit abuse and aid businesses leaders and the taxpayer?

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