EU tries to raise taxes in Britain...again

Not content with import taxes which raise the price of food and clothing imported from outside the EU, nor with abortive plans to introduce an EU tax, the bureaucrats in Brussels are at it again.

This time it's VAT. The European Commission is calling for VAT rates to be harmonised right across the EU, which would likely mean some rate of VAT being introduced on food and children's clothing, which are currently exempt from the tax in Britain.

The TPA says:

"This proposal is a double whammy because the EU already adds hundreds of pounds to our shopping bills each year through extortionate tariffs on cheap clothes and food from non-EU countries. The bureaucrats at the Commission should stop meddling in our affairs. People are already finding life expensive with rising council tax bills, higher utility bills and soaring house prices, so taxpayers can’t afford to pay more when they go shopping."

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