Even the Germans are angry at Darling's tax rises

From today's Financial Times:

"German industrialists have urged Alistair Darling to rethink his “highly regrettable” tax changes for foreign residents. German Industry UK, which represents 250 companies in Britain, wants the chancellor to postpone the new tax measures and allow a period of thorough consultation...

"Some German businesses have been angered by the changes, announced in the pre-Budget report, because the tax break had been used as an incentive to attract Germans to the UK. Without it, the UK’s disadvantages, such as the climate and high cost of living, would weigh on managers’ considerations, Mr Atenstaedt said. It was “not only the super-rich who would be affected, but also hard-working industry people”. He estimated that 10,000-20,000 Germans were working in Britain."

It comes to something when tax rises by Alistair Darling are criticised by high-tax Europe!

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