Fabianista Folly

The Fabian Society – a far-left ‘think’ tank – have published a report out today in an attempt to resuscitate the hated Inheritance Tax or, as we know it,  the Death Tax.  What is more interesting is the report attempts to initiate a campaign for an anti-taxpayers alliance.  Yes, that’s right.  They want to spur on a campaign for more and higher taxes. 


These socialist dinosaurs believe that we –you, me and other taxpayers – should be allowed only £80,000 of untaxed assets throughout our entire lifetimes.  Anything above, they insist, should and must be taxed.  Who the hell are they to say how much we are entitled to before the government can confiscate our earnings and inheritance?  As you’ll see, however, the supporters of this plan to increase taxes are the truest disciples of the “one law for me, one for them” school.


Hypocrite_wallpaper The signatories to this report, and an accompanying letter in the Guardian, include one Fiona MacTaggart MP.  The Express reveals this morning that she is a multi-millionaire who inherited her wealth from her father, a property developer.  Well there’s an irony for you.  It’s always those who can afford to pay higher taxes are in favour of them.  It’s as if they expect their hypocrisy to be drowned out by the sound of the ladder being pulled up behind them.


Tthese are the forces against us.  Still fervent in their belief that government knows best, they will continue to find ways to increase the government’s take of your money.  They won’t give up ‘til they’re beaten in the ballots, ‘til the country has turned against their programme for high taxes.  So it’s probably best for us to let Ms MacTaggart know what sort of a hypocrite she is and how strongly the British people stand against the death tax.


Please contact her through the email given on her website or through the parliament website.  Either way, I think it’s high time we tell these Trots just how wrong they are.

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