Falling NHS productivity

There has been study after study of NHS productivity since the Office for National Statistics first tried to measure health output.  Since then they have included estimates of the change in quality.  The Today programme reported this morning that their current conclusion is that in recent years there has been a roughly 2% per year decline in productivity.


Had this not taken place we would have a lot more money in our pockets and/or a lot better treatment in our hospitals.  Unfortunately, the Government's constant boasts about 'investment' in the NHS, i.e. spending ever more of taxpayers' money, show that they have only a passing interest in efficiency.  They have thrown so much money at the system that it has led to huge cost pressures, which have absorbed a large share of the extra spending.


In the end, the failure to consider real reform of the health service has wasted money and, more importantly, lives as performance in Britain continues to lag other EU countries.


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