Frank Luntz: Tax cuts focus group well

An interesting piece on the Spectator blog notes that a focus group conducted for Newsnight last night by the famous US polster Frank Luntz finds that tax cuts go down very well with voters:

"Of more immediate relevance, however, was the further evidence that the focus group provided about what a risk the Tories are running with their tax policy. When Cameron talked about how the Tories can’t promise tax cuts the panel dialled him down, when Clegg talked about tax cuts they almost unanimously dialled him up."

This is significant. In these difficult economic times, voters are crying out for politicians to offer some relief from the record tax burden. The Lib Dems are on the right track; the Tories need to follow suit. As the Spectator blog concludes:

"If the Lib Dems can get their new tax cutting message across, they could eat into Tory support. The word on the street is that George Obsorne’s conference speech will contain two big policy announcements. It would be sensible for one of these to be tax relief for the middle classes. Going into the election with the only sizable Tory tax cut on offer being raising the threshold for inheritance tax to a million pounds would suggest that the Tories are dangerously out of touch with the zeitgeist."



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