Further opposition against Monthly Collections

It’s been a number of weeks since Cardiff Council’s proposal for monthly bin collections was first aired. The proposal is designed to force the residents of Cardiff to recycle more and to cut expenditure on landfill (and in particular fines levied by the EU because of landfill) which, in theory, are positive steps. However the draconian measures will lead to one of the most essential front line services being slashed rather than positively helping people to recycle more. Many of the hundreds of people that have signed the petition so far have expressed their dismay at the arrogance of councillors from all parties on this issue.

The council also want to introduce  fines for contaminated rubbish. Both this and the possibility of having to wait two months for a collection if you simply miss your allotted collection day were serious concerns raised by those we have spoken to. They believe regular collections not only make the city look tidy, they also ensures that problems of vermin are kept in check and cases of fly-tipping are limited.

Fly-Tipping Action Wales was set up to help educate communities and combat issues of fly tipping. Their website claims that currently there are over 36,000 cases of fly-tipping each year which cost Welsh taxpayers over £2.1m to clear up. However what is even more damning, is that Fly-Tipping Action Wales (which has Cardiff Council as a partner) also claims that household waste is the main contributor in cases of fly-tipping. It is totally understood that there are legal avenues that can be taken when trying to resolve matters of fly-tipping but surely costly legal proceedings are the last path anyone would want to take?

We hope common sense will prevail and that the people of Cardiff will have their fortnightly collections maintained.

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