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Phase out agricultural subsidies – a better deal for everyone

Leaving the EU means leaving the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)...

11:15 AM May 18, 2017


Nobody truly knows how much HS2 will cost. The official figure stands at £55.7 billion, but...

10:39 AM May 17, 2017

Debt and Deficit

Contrary to the previous two general elections, debate about the pace and composition of deficit reduction...

10:37 AM May 17, 2017

Tax Burden

Despite some efforts to cut individual taxes, the tax burden is on the rise. Last year...

10:34 AM May 17, 2017


There can be little doubt that the NHS is struggling with rising demand. The system was...

10:29 AM May 17, 2017



Our housing market is broken. But landlords and developers are not the ones to blame...

10:28 AM May 17, 2017


A Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation, or quango, is an organisation that is funded by taxpayers, but is not controlled...

10:27 AM May 17, 2017

International Aid

International Aid

Both Labour and the Conservatives have committed to continuing the current target of spending 0.7 per...

10:26 AM May 17, 2017


Despite much publicity being given to welfare “cuts” made since 2010, UK welfare spending makes up a greater...

10:19 AM May 17, 2017

Public Sector Pay

Since 2010, the government has been largely successful in its attempts to restrain public sector pay. A considerable...

9:54 AM May 17, 2017

Fiscal Devolution

The UK has one of the most centralised tax systems in the world, with only...

9:52 AM May 17, 2017

5 Moral Reasons for Low Tax

While the economic case for lower taxes is well known, the moral case is rarely made. Here are...

9:51 AM May 17, 2017

5 Examples of Government Waste

1. Thanet Council’s ‘dirty war’

COST: £20,000 in the first year

One Kent local authority’s war on dog poo has...

9:46 AM May 17, 2017