Get off my land

BigbrotherTrespassers will be shot; Council snoopers will be shot again.  Makes a good yard sign, no?


The front page of the Express today carries another ‘I don’t believe it’ story.  Council snoopers now aim to extend their powers to regulate the great British garden.  A DEFRA policy document aims to push yet another environmental agenda, giving Councils the powers to ban certain types of environmentally unfriendly gardens.  This isn’t aimed at banning the use of gardens as toxic waste dumps; rather it’s focused on the outlawing of fast-growing plants and even lawns.  Yes, it doesn’t have to just be green to be ‘green’, it has to be regulated as government-approved green to be allowed.  I somehow doubt Chuck Norris would approve DEFRA's new policy.


With Councils now empowered to pay local taxpayers to snoop on their neighbours to monitor ‘local environmental activity’, perhaps they’re teeing up a big push to extend their scope of control and interference in our lives even further.  Slough Council banned a bonfire last year and the DEFRA policy paper now recommends taxes on barbecue’s, paper plates and cups too.


Has this government not met a tax increase or regulation it didn’t like?


We have the largest tax code in the Western world.  Businesses flee this country to lower taxing and lightly regulated nations.  Most tragic of all, Britons choose to live abroad to escape the laws, interference and meddling from our all-powerful 21st Century government.  Who can blame them when this government ratchets up more regulations and taxes to frustrate our lives even more?


If you want to join the campaign to stop government interfering and taxing us, then you can support our campaign and become a grassroots activist - for FREE - here.

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