Getting the grassroots voice in the papers

We should all congratulate Ian Taylor in Kent on his opinion piece in this week’s Saturday Kentish Observer, which you can see below (click to enlarge).


Ian Taylor Kent News 30.11.08


Ian’s strategy is a simple one – he keep writing.  Taking our reports, which we send round in our bulletins, he makes the TPA points to the papers and with enough perseverance, his letters have been turned into  an opinion piece.


This is exactly what our campaign is about – giving taxpayers the ammunition to make the case for lower taxes in the community.  People are sick of the ramblings of the political class.  Our movement is one for the taxpayers of this country, giving you the chance to speak out against ever-increasing taxes and the ways politicians have found to waste your money.


Ian’s example is that it can be done.  If you want to receive our bulletins and make the TPA case to your local papers, then join for free to get our reports and simply make a call to your local paper pitching them for an opinion piece.  If you want contact details for your local paper, either the phone number or email address for their comment editors, then please do email me and I’ll find the details for you.  The important principle is that we all keep trying for the cause because if we don’t make a stand, the politicians will believe their own rhetoric and keep on taxing and wasting your money.

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