Government-Approved Christmas Day Food

This year Public Health England has spent over £40 million of taxpayers money telling Brits what they can and cannot eat, drink and do in their leisure time. Using these warnings and guidelines, the TaxPayers' Alliance has calculated what a Public Health England approved Christmas lunch would look like
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Following the nutritional guidelines set by Public Health England, an adult male could consume the following on Christmas Day: 

Items Approved amount
Smoked Salmon 75 grams
Eggs 1 egg
Bread 1 slice
Butter 5 grams
Advent calendar chocolate Quarter of a fun size Mars bar
Turkey 125 grams
Gravy 56.25 grams
Boiled potatoes Half serving
Pigs in blankets One quarter chipolata
Sprouts 25 grams
Broccoli 25 grams
Carrots 25 grams
Parsnips 25 grams
Christmas pudding Tenth of a serving
Brandy cream 15 millilitres
Brie 30 grams
Stilton 15 grams
Nuts 30 grams
Pate 30 grams
Crisps 30 grams
Mince pie Twentieth of a mince pie
Custard Twentieth of a serving
Goose fat (cooking) 15 grams
Additional salt (cooking) None
Orange juice Tenth of a glass
Wine Three quarters of a glass
Champagne Quarter of a glass
G&T Quarter of a glass
Port Quarter of a glass
Brandy Quarter of a glass
Turkey sandwich Half a sandwich


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