Government bodies hand out millions in grants to diversity initiatives

According to a TaxPayers' Alliance investigation, the UK Research and Innovation has administered millions of pounds for projects that push a woke agenda. The TPA uncovered grants that were originally donated by Horizon Europe, such as a £1,740,300 grant to examine equal access to human rights justice across the world and a study into men's distinctive gendered needs. 


Speaking to the Telegraph, which published these findings, our head of campaigns, Elliot Keck, said:

“Taxpayers will be horrified that the ‘woke agenda’ is bleeding into serious research organisations.

“The engineering council should be funding cutting-edge studies that further scientific knowledge, not the sort of claptrap that dominates the humanities and social sciences.

“Ministers should use every power they have to hold these increasingly rogue research bodies to account for the huge amounts of taxpayer money they are spending.”


Read the full story here.

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