Government should take lessons from Channel 4

In these troubled economic times everyone feels the pinch. Most of us will consider our
budgets more carefully and think twice about our spending.Channel_4_logo_3


Channel 4 it seems is no different. Hit by falling advertising revenues, Andy Duncun - the channel's Chief Executive - told press yesterday that "our objective as a public organisation is to operate at break even. With revenues falling, we've no alternative but to cut costs."


What could be more sensible; when money is short, consider spending less of it. Alongside a cut in its programme budget, Channel 4 is planning a round of redundancies - from 1,000 staff to around 850 - and making a reduction in its funding of cinema.


Prudent measures for tougher times. If only the Government could take a few lessons from its subsidiary company. With one of the biggest budget deficits in the EU, and projected borrowing set to push that deficit towards being the biggest in the developed world, the British state desperately needs to consider its spending commitments and organisation. The Government needs to question the value of thousands of its quango jobs, its spending on dozens of inessential programs. Just like Channel 4, the Government has to face reality and seriously consider cut backs. Debt is one of the primary causes of the problems we now face; looking to bury the country in more of it is anything but prudent.


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