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The recent EU referendum was a seismic event for several reasons. Importantly, it proved that a genuine interest and engagement in politics, despite some insisting otherwise, is still possible. The turnout showed that when people believe taking action (in this case, voting) will genuinely effect change, they are more than willing to do so. Not only that, thousands of people on both sides of the argument went further; delivering leaflets, knocking on doors, making phone calls and more.

It is vital that this engagement and interest is retained, to ensure government at all levels is held to account by a population of well-represented and active voters. Here at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, we are now undergoing a revamp of our grassroots operation. Despite living in an increasingly technological age, our ‘air war’ that we fight on a daily basis through online and offline media must run parallel to a traditional, boots on the ground grassroots campaign. This allows us to mobilise taxpayers across the country to fight for lower taxes, increased transparency and a real voice in the corridors of power.

It is vital that we have a strong ground team to help us campaign effectively and continue to deliver victories for taxpayers right across the country.

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With a strong grassroots operation, combined with our air war, together we can help shape and share the positive vision of the TPA.