Hate to say we told you so...

...but as predicted, those who have already been hit with fortnightly bin collections are also set to be the first to suffer the new bin taxes and aggressive charges for the heinous crimes of putting your rubbish out before 7.30am or leaving your bin lid slightly open.


Wheely_bin_2As much as councils and Government Ministers have been at pains to claim that fortnightly bin collections, bin fines, rubbish taxes, microchipping bins and other dubious activities are all stand-alone measures - with no relation to one another and definitely not part of a coherent plan to squeeze us all even further for what used to be part of the council tax deal - it's now clear that they were lying through their teeth, or at bare minimum swallowing the Government's line hook, line and sinker.


The vociferous campaigns against fortnightly collections that have been successful in various parts of the country have paid off for local residents in saving them - for now at least - from being slapped with yet more bills and charges, so let this be a lesson to us all: don't give them the benefit of the doubt on this! If you fight to maintain value for money and the decent rubbish collection service you were promised, the chances are you'll be saving yourself from bin taxes at the same time.


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