Help us Stop the Energy Swindle

Today we are launching a new campaign about rising energy family energy bills.  We are urging the Government to cut energy taxes that are adding record amounts to family and business energy bills and we need your help to achieve this. Visit to see how much your bill will increase in coming years and tell your MP to do something about it.

It only takes a minute and it makes a real difference. If you don't write to your MP and tell them how you feel about high energy taxes, how will they know?

Taxes push up the price of energy. allows you to enter your latest bill and find out how much is tax, and how much your bills will be by 2020 and 2030 if politicians do not change their plans.  The average family energy bill will be nearly £1,900 in 2020 at current prices, and over £2,920 by 2030. Ofgem estimates that taxes and charges are already costing a normal family nearly £200 a year.  Currently they make up 11 per cent of a typical family gas bill and 16 per cent of their electricity bill.

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We will be hosting action days in dozens of cities across the UK about soaring bills. If you want to join us you can get in touch via email.

Stop the Energy Swindle is urging the Government to:

    • Cut subsidies for expensive sources of energy like wind turbines. They have to be paid for by someone and that means driving up household bills. These subsidies are unsustainable.


    • Scrap the carbon price floor for the EU Emissions Trading System. British families and businesses shouldn’t have to pay a premium to move emissions to other countries. That doesn’t help the environment but it does hurt the economy and increase energy bills.


    • Stop blocking new affordable energy sources like British shale gas and efficient modern coal power plants.

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The full press release for Energy Swindle is available here