How British taxpayers are funding hate education and violence in the Middle East

In the first of a series of papers analysing the effectiveness of expenditure on overseas aid, the TaxPayers Alliance has published a paper looking at the effects of British aid spending in the Palestinian territories. Funding Hate Education reveals disturbing evidence showing how British taxpayers’ money has been spent helping to fund hate education and promote violence in the Middle East. The full report can be read here (PDF, 6MB)

Matthew Sinclair, the author of the report and a policy analyst at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

“With moves towards a peace settlement at Annapolis and an American Presidential visit to Israel, there is real hope that a peace deal can be reached.  In order for a deal to stick over the long term, however, it is essential that the Palestinian population fully accepts it.  This is why it is particularly concerning that British aid is supporting the radicalisation of the Palestinian population, particularly the children.”

Funding Hate Education shows that part of the £47.5 million of British aid to Palestine is supporting:

  • Textbooks that praise insurgents in Iraq, argue for the execution of apostates and idealise martyrdom.
  • Television broadcasts, many aimed at children, that urge violence against non-Muslims and promote the view that Israel should not exist.

Matthew Sinclair continued:

“The future of the peace process in Israel and Palestine depends at least as much on positive attitudes among young Palestinians as it does on success at the negotiating table.  British taxpayers’ money is supporting the radicalisation of Palestinian youth and hurting our objectives in the region.  This needs to, and can, change.”

David Lidington MP, Shadow Foreign Office Minister, said:

“I was disturbed to read the findings within the Taxpayers’ Alliance report, ‘Funding Hate’. It is imperative that future generations, wherever they are, are taught a message of reconciliation and mutual understanding. I have contacted both the Palestinian representative in London and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to discuss the issues the Taxpayers Alliance has raised.”

Patrick Mercer OBE MP said:

"It worries me deeply that British taxpayers' money is being used, quite improperly, for destructive purpose.  Whilst aid needs to be directed to the needy, its abuse for terrorist purposes is grotesque."

MEP Hannu Takkula, Vice-Chairman Committee on Culture and Education at the European Parliament, said:

“The right to education is one of children's fundamental rights. I should emphasize that this includes right to a hate-free educational system. Since the European Union is financially supporting the Palestinian administration including the educational system, it has to ensure that the values taught to these kids correspond to the fundamental values of Europe itself. We, MEPs and European citizens, must ask for more accountability on one hand and for less incitement on the other hand."