How meaningful is a target of an 80% cut by 2050?

By 2050 Ed Miliband will be more than eighty years old and no longer in government.  The new 80% target for greenhouse gas emission cuts is therefore not a standard that he will be judged by.  It is just a way of striking a pose, and an absurd one.  Since the Government came to power, and despite massive burdens being heaped on individuals and businesses, emissions have not fallen but increased by 1.6%.


The economy is in crisis with shares around the world still tumbling amid fears of a recession.  Within Ed Miliband's own sphere of responsibility, Britain faces an energy crisis (PDF), with a huge gulf in capacity that will lead to blackouts unless urgent steps are taken.  That the Government are still fiddling with meaningless targets while the economy burns shows how utterly broken our sytem of government is.

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