How you can help taxpayers this Thursday!

This Thursday will see Bournemouth Council vote on its pay increases we detail here.  Since last Thursday we’ve been lobbying hard for the full council to reconsider this plan and we have to keep up the pressure.  How can it be right that a council loses a star rating from the Audit Commission then uses a 4.9% Council Tax increase to push their salaries up by well over 17% for councillors, and 30%+ for the cabinet.


In the real world, if you or I don’t get results – we lose our jobs.  Yet Bournemouth’s Cabinet think they can get away with rewarding failure.


Not on my watch!


If you’re free on Thursday evening and live in or around Bournemouth, please go to the Full Council on Thursday 21 February at 7PM and sit in the public gallery, as is your right.  You can also put a question to Bournemouth Council’s Cabinet by simply emailing [email protected] with your question on councillor pay BY 6PM TONIGHT.


Ask them why they want to reward failure with taxpayers’ money!


You can find travel directions here and a map to the Town Hall here.


Please turn up and make your voice heard.  But also if you can’t turn up, please continue to lobby Bournemouth’s councillors.  You can find the contact details of those we have not heard replies from here.


It’s times like these that we can challenge the mistaken belief that you can’t change anything in politics.  We’re close to achieving a breakthrough for direct taxpayer lobbying, normal people campaigning to stop politicians wasting our money.  You can make that change.  By just taking that small amount of time in your day to lobby Bournemouth Council, you could save the taxpayer money.  Not bad for 10 minutes work…

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