If you don't laugh, you'll cry

Robert Peston interviewed Gordon Brown for last night's News at Ten, and produced an absolute gem. As the interview wound up, Peston asked the PM


Did you worry about the way in which household sector indebtedness was increasing, individuals were borrowing more and more and more?


To which Gordon replied


Well, I've never been someone who myself has been interested in running up personal debts or borrowing huge amounts of money.


(Watch it here, at 11 mins 10 secs in)


If you don't laugh, you'll cry. The Prime Minister doesn't think it's responsible or sensible to borrow money himself, but is happy to borrow £175 billion this year alone on the public credit card - that's £6,944 for every family in the country this year alone.


It doesn't matter how prudent you choose to be with your finances - the Government are driving you massively into debt without even asking you.


If debt isn't right for his family, why is Gordon Brown running it up for everyone else's?

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