Inexperienced politicians and the messes they make

Iain Dale, in the Telegraph, sums up beautifully how inexperience leads to incompetence among Government ministers and advisers:

"Fewer than 10 out of 350 Labour MPs have ever run a business. Business Secretary John Hutton's qualification for the job is that he was a law lecturer at Newcastle Poly for 11 years before becoming an MP. The minister for business, Shriti Vadera, has spent the past eight years as an adviser to Gordon Brown. She counts among her "achievements" Railtrack's renationalisation, the selling of Qinetiq for a fraction of its true value, and the disastrous creation of Metronet. This one-woman disaster zone has cost the taxpayer several hundred million pounds, but she clearly isn't finished yet."

Why do politicians without experience expect to be able to jump straight in to running public services?  We need them to hand control back to professionals and Civil Society.

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