Islington Branch to kick off their campaigns!

Wednesday saw the first meeting of the Islington TPA, with an impressive turnout of activists committed to a grassroots campaign for change.  We met at the very stylish Alwyne pub in Islington and talked about the local campaign and what plans there are for the coming months.




Chris Williams and Mandy Sosta (above) agreed to be joint organisers of the Islington Branch of the TPA and have committed to an action day in Islington in the second week of October – so watch this space to get involved as they kick off their campaign against inheritance tax.


Islington TPA is launching a fight against a tax hitting millions of ordinary working families every year.  To join in the campaign contact Mandy and Chris at their Islington TPA email address: [email protected].  Even if you’re not in Islington, do get involved.  It’s time to abolish an unfair, immoral, unpopular and unnecessary tax.


Islington is just the first of many branches to kick off their campaigns in September.  Next week I am in Liverpool planning out the campaign with our Organiser Veronica Hind.  The week after Hatfield and St. Albans TPA branches are meeting plan the fight against over-spending councils in Hertfordshire.  October sees Derby TPA launch along with TPA members putting motions to councils calling for lower council tax.


Needless to say, the coming months are going to be exciting times for the TPA and a winter of discontent for our high-spending, over-taxing local authorities that have pushed the British taxpayer around for too long.  To join in the exciting campaigns, contact me at [email protected] - I look forward to hearing from you!

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