It's not cool, and it's not sexy...

It's reported today that Manchester City Council have spent £8,000 on producing booklets telling over 50s how to have sex. This extraordinary and misguided pamphlet includes what can only be described as graphic pictures and raunchy tips to spice up your sex life.


Naturally, my first objection is to the cost. I really feel, as do many others, that in these straitened times there are better uses of £8,000.


Secondly, why produce the thing at all? It's none of the council's business what the over 50s (or any other age group) get up to between the sheets. If they want some tips to spice things up, let them buy one of the plethora of sex manuals that are available in all good bookshops. If they have genuine sexual health problems or concerns then they should do the proper thing and consult their doctor. The important thing about these two alternatives is that they do not cost all other taxpayers anything, and are only pursued if the individual wishes. And, they both avoid the double annoyance of having an OAPs' karma sutra shoved in your face, and then realising with a mixture of horror and fascination that you’ve paid for the publication yourself.


I have to close with a glorious quote from Anne Widdecombe MP on the topic. She said:
"If someone hasn't learnt how to have sex by the time they have reached 50 then a booklet is certainly not going to help. It's an incredible waste of money."


Quite. And also makes one wonder if therefore Manchester City Council has produced it in honour of the upcoming Conservative Party Conference...



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