It's paying off

Sany0071_2Only mere days after our report highlighted massive overspend in council publicity, Coventry City Council have pledged to lower their publicity spending next year


What a breakthrough, especially on a day where Hammersmith and Fulham council announce yet another council tax cut!  It shows how our activism, combined with top notch research, is putting the pressure on local politicians and council officers to lower their wasteful spending.  Quite rightly people are asking why any council should use taxpayers’ money for self-congratulatory propaganda and they’re catching the councils out.  This should certainly be a wake up call to taxpayers to get involved, because we can make the changes in our government that we want!


So please get involved and hold your council to account.  Pressure them into admitting the sum of our money used to pat themselves on the back is just too high.  Let us know how you get on by emailing your campaign news to us so we can publicise further taxpayer victories.  Keep up the fight.

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