Join us in Bridlington this Saturday for our "Justice for Brid" Protest

After waiting for a week for a full statement from East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) about the fiasco in Bridlington, the statement from Alan Menzies, Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, printed in Saturday's Yorkshire Post, was a huge disappointment.

He said the council was unlikely to compulsory purchase the existing Tesco site, which we knew already. He also reiterated the line that the Tesco development was part of a much wider plan, which is also untrue. The existing Area Action Plan (AAP), which is now a planning document, hinges on Tesco moving from its existing site to the coach park next door. It can't just be amended without going through the planning process again and, if Mr Menzies thinks Tesco will allow another supermarket to easily be built next door, then he is deluded. Tesco will fight the proposal and Bridlington does not need a second supermarket.

As I said last week, the council does not have a Plan B, and millions of pounds of taxpayers' money has been wasted. Parts of Bridlington are derelict as a result of council blunders, and those officers, councillors, and consultants responsible for the mess must be held to account.

This Saturday, 4 May, at 12.30pm, we are holding a "Justice for Brid" protest. More details are below, and if you are on Facebook, you can register your support on this event page. If you live in the area please do your best to attend. Since launching this event yesterday evening, already almost sixty people have registered to attend. This is going to be a big protest. With your help, we can make it bigger.

What: "Justice for Brid" Protest

When: Saturday 4 May, 12.30 pm

Where: Town Hall Gardens, Bridlington. YO16 4LP

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