Kent County Council's "coherence" spending

MoneyThe Kentish Express reported last week (20th September) that Kent County Council have defended their decision to employ advertising firm M&C Saatchi to “improve its communications” at a cost of £48,000 to the taxpayer.  Kent County Council has a media and communications budget of…wait for it…£1.1 MILLION taxpayer pounds.  What the hell are they wasting more for if they’re saying the £1.1 MILLION isn’t getting the job done in the first place?


In a bumbling defence, deputy leader of Kent County Council Cllr Alex King said the council need help to be “more coherent”.  M&C Saatchi may be able to help Cllr King become more coherent, but they won’t be able to help him defend the indefensible.


To put this in perspective, Kent County Council has wasted £48,000 of your money on a campaign to tell you how good they are.  That’s it.  You’re paying for their arrogance on top of the £1.1 MILLION already spent per year.


So get out there and tell Cllr King and Kent’s taxpayers that they shouldn’t stand for this flagrant waste of taxpayers’ money.  Write to Cllr King at:


Cllr Alex King
Philpotts Gate
Slip Mill Road
Kent TN18 4JT
Tel:  01580 754119
Email: [email protected]


And the Kentish Express should know how outraged the British taxpayer is at this waste of our money.  Like always, write into them:


Letters Editor
The Kentish Express
Express House,
34-36 North Street,
TN24 8JR,
United Kingdom
Email: [email protected]


It’s up to us to hold the politicians to account.  Bit by bit we’re raising these issues and highlighting the waste going on in our Town Halls. 

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