Lap dancing in the public sector - Part II

Back in December, a story came up that just had to be made into a blog post: Leeds University were advertising a £31,000 a year post to study lap-dancing. Susie Squire wrote about it here - after all, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discuss strippers on the TPA blog. Wasn't it?

Amazingly, no it wasn't. All 12 of Cornwall Council's Licensing Committee are going on a taxpayer-funded "fact-finding" visit to a strip club.

The TPA doesn't have a particular stance on strip clubs, but we do have a stance on not wasting taxpayers' money. Why should taxpayers fund this trip? Do the Licensing Committee have to sample for free the services of every business they licence? Hopefully they don't use our money to buy drinks in every pub they licence...

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