Launch of Automate the State: health and social care

On the 24th April, the TaxPayers' Alliance launched a new report: "Embracing technology in health and social care", which shows that £18.5 billion could be saved in the NHS and social care systems by increasing productivity and freeing up staff resources. . The paper included a foreword and remarks from the Secretary of State, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP.

Our new paper examines the potential impact of the increased use of automation in health and social care. It considers how embracing existing and developing technology can enable the health and social care system to increase productivity, reduce costs, and result in better - world class - health and social care.

As people continue to live longer and demand for healthcare rises, the NHS has a responsibility to patients and taxpayers to make the most of the finite resources it has. Automation offers one of the ways to tackle the health and social care problems on the horizon. By using technology effectively, the health service can reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on staff, reduce the number of people in hospital that don’t need to be there, empower patients to take control of their own healthcare and support the prevention agenda by helping people stay healthier and independent for longer.

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