Launch of the Bumper Book of Burdens on Business

On Monday, 23rd September, we were joined by entrepreneur and living legend Barry Hearn to celebrate the launch of our latest report, The Bumper Book of Burdens on Business. The report outlines the bureaucratic regulations and taxes such as VAT, business rates, fuel duty and corporation tax which are stifling innovation, productivity, growth and entrepreneurship. 

Barry founded Matchroom Sport in the 1980s which promotes sports such as darts, boxing and snooker. Speaking to our audience at darts social club, Flight Club, he explained that businesses don't pay taxes. Instead they are paid by entrepreneurs, shareholders staff and customers. He called on the government to back British businesses "to the hilt" which would help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and make the country more prosperous. Click here to watch a video of the launch.

These burdens affect companies no matter how big or long established they are, but worse still they discourage Brits from starting a business in the first place. With some politicians constantly doing down our best and brightest firms, it's a tough environment for our entrepreneurs. If Britain wants to be a leader on the world stage, then the government must champion pro-prosperity policies that encourage growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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