Launch of the Derby TPA Branch





The Derby TaxPayers’ Alliance branch launched yesterday with a meeting of prominent tax activists in Derby and a leading journalist from the Derby Evening Telegraph interested in the formation of the local grassroots branch.  Joining us is Josephine Rooney, who came to national attention when she refused to pay her council tax last year resulting in her, albeit temporary, imprisonment.  She joins our Derby campaign as we prepare for next year’s expected council tax rise.


Heading our Derby campaign is Dave Black, a former councillor and community activist.  Dave, so he tells me, holds the world record for driving through a flaming tunnel from his days as a stuntman.  Needless to say if we have those used to hard knocks in the campaign we’ll do fine taking political punches from the establishment as they try to counter our drive for lower taxes and better government.


Dave explained that the most pressing matters are council overspending, holding the council to account over their accounts and – obviously – council tax.  He will be recruiting over the coming weeks and months to prepare for next year’s battle over council tax.  With enough coverage locally we can amass a grassroots campaign the politicians will hopefully listen to.  If you want to get in touch with Dave and the Derby campaign then call our Derby hotline on 0845 330 9554 or email him at [email protected].  We look forward to interesting developments up in Derby and hope you can come and get involved.

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